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Victaphanta compacta

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Victaphanta compacta at suppressed - 27 Aug 2022
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Identification history

Victaphanta compacta 24 Oct 2022 trevorpreston
Victaphanta compacta 4 Oct 2022 trevorpreston
Unidentified 7 Sep 2022 SimoneC

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User's notes

Otway Black Snail, Victaphanta compacta sadly found dead on the walking track


   4 Oct 2022
Can you tell us exactly where you found this? It may help with the ID.
Michael123 wrote:
   4 Oct 2022
probably Victaphanta compacta Family Rhytididae. Endemic to the Otways of southern Victoria but need specific location
SimoneC wrote:
   4 Oct 2022
Found where shown on the map - on a walking track at Otway Fly Adventures. It’s one of the things they recommended keeping an eye out for.
Michael123 wrote:
   4 Oct 2022
There was no map included at my end
   4 Oct 2022
No map here, you must have clicked on the suppress location box. You could edit the sighting and uncheck that box if you're happy for us to see the exact location.
SimoneC wrote:
   4 Oct 2022
It doesn’t show up as suppressed when I put it in edit mode, but I may have suppressed it when I loaded it as it was on private property. I cycled the record through suppressed so I could then unsuppress it. Hopefully the map shows up now.
   5 Oct 2022
Sorry Simone, it still hasn't come up. Maybe it's an automatic thing.
Could you tell us where it is?
Michael123 wrote:
   5 Oct 2022
Agree with Victaphanta compacta. It is the only Victaphanta species in that area

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  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 27 Aug 2022 12:40 PM Recorded on
  • SimoneC Recorded by

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